Instead of charging by the day, our plans are based by the hour so you get more flexibility in how you use your purchased time. You can pay as you go, or buy buckets of hours at increasing discounts and benefits, like extra visitor hours and meeting room time.


Hourly Membership

One-time $30 member fee

  • $3.00 per hour

Not ready to be a member?

You can still park at one of our many workstations for $4.00 an hour!


Monthly Membership

Membership included

  • 40 hours per month – $100

    •  Reserved Meeting Space

    •  Visitor Hours

    •  Discounts

  • 80 hours per month – $180

    • Reserved Meeting Space

    • Visitor Hours

    • Storage Space

    • Mailbox/Package-Receiving

    • Discounts

  • Full-time – $300 per month

    •   All Previous Perks +


Dedicated Desks

Membership included

  • $480 per month

  • Reserved desk, with two-drawer locking cabinet under desk, storage space, full-time access.


In addition to these work space options, all member coworkers have complimentary access to:

coffee and tea, WiFi, regular office copying/printing/scanning, mailbox, package delivery, and auxiliary monitors.

Member plans include options for extended hours access and storage.