2388 University Ave. W • First floor • Saint Paul, MN 55114

Hello@CoCreatz.org 651.317.3388

Open 8:30 to 6:30 Monday - Friday

CoCreatz is a new coworking space on the first floor of the historic building at the southwest corner of Raymond and University Avenues — the crossroads of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

CoCreatz was born from a neighborhood initiative to provide a community gathering place in the Creative Enterprise Zone and build synergy among better-world creative folk. Join us!

Member Coworking Monthly Plans 

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email hello@cocreatz.org to schedule tour or make reservation

In addition to these workspace options, all member coworkers have complimentary access to:
coffee and tea, wifi, regular office copying/printing/scanning, mailbox, package delivery, and auxiliary monitors.
Member plans include options for extended hours access and storage.


Hourly member

One-time $30 member fee

$3.00 per hour

Our annual membership fee joins you to our community of creative, better-world-making folk. Together we hope to inspire and build on each other's work toward a more sustainable future.

email hello@cocreatz.org

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Monthly subscriptions

Membership included

40 hours per month – $100
4 hours reserved meeting space
4 visitor hours
10% discount
80 hours per month – $180
x 2
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Full-time – $300 per month
x 3
storage space

email hello@cocreatz.org


Dedicated desk:

Membership included

$480 per month

Reserved desk, with two-drawer locking cabinet under desk, storage space, full-time access.

email hello@cocreatz.org

Membership in CoCreatz

As a member, you’ll have more access to the space, receive discounts to our various offerings, and be part of developing this special community place.

Just visiting? Non-members are $4.00 per hour

Not ready to be a member? Just park at one of our workstations at $4.00 per hour.

email hello@cocreatz.org

Low-cost Digital Printing Services available.


Meetings and events


During weekday/daytime hours or evenings and weekends, you can reserve:

  • 5-person conference room — $9 per hour

  • Lower-level conference room — $30 per hour with discounts for multiple hours. Flexible enough to hold anything from a 20-person board meeting to an audience-format event with up to 40 people.

During evenings and weekends, you can also reserve:

  • First floor — $40 per hour with discounts for multiple hours. Our visible first-floor space is great for larger meetings, readings, or parties.

Contact hello@cocreatz for information and to schedule



We’re home to several community initiatives and enterprises:

  • Creative Enterprise Zone

  • Social Impact Strategies Group

  • Transition Town - All St. Anthony Park

  • Transition Twin Cities

  • Local Dough 

  • First Sight Minnesota — Hellen Keller International

  • Triangle Park Creative


We’re adjacent to these neighborhood businesses:

  • The Naughty Greek restaurant

  • Dual Citizen brewery

  • C&E Lofts and C&E Flats

And nearby these other neighborhood institutions:

  • Keys Restaurant (the original location!), Foxy Falafel, Cafe Biaggio, Workhorse Coffee

  • Sharrett’s Liquor Store

  • Succotash, MidModMen and Shag retro shops

  • Barely Brothers and Aghartha vinyl record shops

  • Twin Cities Reptile pet shop

  • Noll Hardware

In addition to the Green Line light rail along University Avenue between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul, other transit options just outside our door include these bus routes:

  • 63 (Grand Avenue)

  • 67 (Blue Line, Hamline U and downtown St. Paul),

  • 87 (Rosedale and Highland Park).

    Lots of bike parking behind Dual Citizen just off Raymond Avenue.